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Our Garden Shed Gallery

It's been a long time since we've been part of the Catalina Artists Studio Tour.  Our resident artist is a bird of many feathers, and her primaries these days are shiatsu and foster momming.  In the mom feather, she has published a coloring book, available on Amazon (search Rebecca Klug in books).  But I keep this page here in the hopes that Rebecca will come round again to the media of paint and brush some day when she has the time.

The flow of music watercolor Rebecca D. Klug
various cacti watercolor Rebecca D. Klug

caricature ink & marker Rebecca D. Klug

greenman watercolor Rebecca D. Klug

patchwork duck watercolor Rebecca D. Klug

fantasy flowers colored pencil & ink Rebecca D. Klug

finding balance watercolor Rebecca D. Klug

The above artwork are all works by resident artist Rebecca D. Klug.  For more information about artwork, please contact Klug studios directly at (520)730-9334 or e-mail me at klugstudios@live.com.

Contact us at ourgardencatalina@gmail.com