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Our Location

Here we are!

 "You can find your way across the country using burger joints
the way a navigator uses stars." ~ Charles Kuralt

We are located at 16500 N. Stallion Place (Tucson AZ  85739) in Catalina, AZ, north of Tucson about 10 miles. 
We'd be happy to give you directions over the phone, but there is no phone at the garden, so it might be best to just jot some of this down:

Travelling North on Oracle Rd. (hwy 77 out of Tucson) in Catalina: 
Turn on Hawser (by the Burger King) which is the next street north of Golder Ranch Rd.  These days it's also by the Brake Max end of the Basha's center.
Take Hawser to its end, then go left on Columbus (any other way is a dirt road).
A little over a mile down Columbus after you crest a little hill is Stallion Place, on the right.   There is a yellow "no outlet" sign under the street name. 
Up over the hill on Stallion and down the other side, sort of at the right-center of the cul de sac, you will see our number, 16500, on an old TroyBuilt rototiller.  Also there is a little sunflower painting near the electric box and one over the rototiller, and our driveway is in between, with the electric box on the right and the rototiller on the left.
Follow the dirt driveway down to the 2 gates, and use the one on the right which will be open if we are open.  Sounds complex but it's really quite simple!

For those of you coming from the Lago del Oro end of Saddlebrooke, take Lago south to Golder Ranch~
Golder Ranch west up to Coronado Forest (first right)~
Coronado Forest to its end and right on Hawser~
When Hawser ends go left on Columbus (follow the pavement)~
After about a mile and a half turn on Stallion Place which will be at the crest of the hill on the right.

When Stallion turns north you instead continue east down our little dirt road, which is just to the left of the electric box and right of the 16500 hanging on the old rototillerFollow the signs and yellow cans back to Our Garden. 

And now.... coming from north of Catalina, south bound on Oracle Rd,  turn left at 
Edwin Rd. (Eagle Crest) which is now paved through to Columbus.
Right on Columbus, and Stallion is the next left turn past Pinto.  Up over the hill, 16500 on the Troy Built rototiller, ya da ya da ya da (see the paragraph above).

(Don't worry, it will make sense when you get here. 
It's kind of like initiation....)

The old Troy Built sits proudly out there to welcome you in to what it began.  It helped feed us for so many years, about 25 or maybe more.  In it's day it was the cream of the crop.  And it performed above and beyond the call of duty for any rototiller, putting in the irrigation for our whole pistachio orchard as well as the asparagus beds we had around each of the 300 trees.  We now use a BCS, but the granddaddy out there is absolutely a piece of fine artwork in our eyes.

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